Another quiz…

Thanks to musicsdaughter for posting this… hmmm… I should totally do other things… but whatever.

About You
Name: Ali Kira
Age: 21
City: Edmonton
State/Country: Alberta/Canada
What is your neighborhood like?: It's downtown
Do you live in an apartment or a house?: Apartment
How many siblings do you have?: 2
Are your parents divorced?: nope
What kinds of pets do you have?: none
What are your parent(s) jobs?: no comment
If you had to choose someone to be with on an island with: ??
Do you hang out in a group? Small or large?: sometimes both or neither
How many pairs of shoes do you have?: a bunch… but they're all broken down and hurt my feet
What do your pajamas look like?: uh… mostly nightshirts
How many piercings do you have? And where?: none
What piercings do you want to get?: none
What religion are you?: agnostic sort of I guess maybe
Why?: 'cause I don't know.
10 Things that would make you happy right now
1: sleep
2: candy (mission accomplished!)
3: a roommate for next month and beyond
4: decent cheap flights for St. Louis trip this summer
5: My orientation volunteers to e-mail me back
6: people to contact me about filling out Key Club convention registration
7: Figuring out how to get to KC DCON
8: Figuring out how to get to Banff for retreat weekend
9: a clean apartment
10: being able to see my far flung friends in person!
Colors: Red
Why?: Many reasons
Music genres: Most of 'em actually
Why?: 'cause I like!
Cities: hmmm… I dunno.
Article of clothing: Too many to choose from (I know, a total cop out)
things in your house: me! *laughs*
TV show characters: Eric Forman, Gil Grissom, Rory Gilmore
TV Shows: CSI (all I end up watching these days if that)
photograph: huh? I dunno.
Place to be: ???
Favorite Bands
1: The Beatles
2: Lamb
3: Goo Goo Dolls
4: Aerosmith
5: The Byrds
6: Cheap Trick
7: Lost Action Heros
8: Steve Miller Band
9: Steppenwolf
10: and so many many many more!!! (I've only listed bands… but there's so many great musical artists out there!
Do you think you are….
Open-minded?: yeah
Yourself?: me? yeah!
Independent?: sure!
Fair?: uh… okay yep!
Kind?: I'd better be!
Good looking?: sure.
Funny?: naw.
Annoying?: perhaps sometimes.
Smart?: I guess… book smarts sometimes… and also smarts in certain other situations
Slow?: yeppers!!!
Wild?: naw.
Rebellious?: not really.
Sweet?: perhaps
Good?: a tad.
Favorite Movies
1: 10 things I hate about you
2: Where the heart is
3: The Pianist
4: Nice Girls Don't Explode
5: The Matrix (all three movies!)
6: Benny and Joon
7: Bowling for Columbine
8: Dirty Dancing
9: Frida
10: The Princess Bride (and the Harry Potter Films, and the LOTR films, and the X-men films and so on)
Have you ever…
Smoked pot?: nope
Shot or held a real gun>: yep
Shot heroin?: nope
Had sex?: no.
Gave oral sex?: no.
Recieved oral sex?: no.
Been arrested?: no.
Went paintballing?: no. (It may be an idea though)
Snorted cocaine/smoked crack?: no.
Used someone?: I don't think so.
Been used? How?: unsure, probably.
Attempted suicide?: NO.
Mutilated yourself?: no.
Got wasted?: no.
Been to Disneyworld/Disneyland?: No (gosh I wish I'd gone to Orlando!)
Been to Sea Word?: no.
Been to Six Flags?: no (wish I was going to have more time in St. Louis…)
Been to a waterpark?: YEPPERS! (many times, what else is WEM for when you're a kid?)
Ran away from home?: nope.
Been in court?: no.
Quick! Name…..
someone who makes you laugh: Brendan
someone who pisses you off: n/a
someone who is annoying: no comment
something that makes you happy: CKI
something stupid you've done: said the wrong thing at work today
something really nice you've done: I dunno… used my manners?
something awesome you've done: CKI stuff?
someone who you want to kill: n/a
someone who you think deserves the best: Anastasia
someone who has hurt you: Too many choices, but I refuse to post 'em.
Right now- Current……
Obsession: none (unless CKI counts)
Annoyance: The fact that I'm not sleeping right now 😉
Event: huh? I'm just using my comp.
Clothes: Nightshirt plus workpants, work socks and underwear.
Food/Drink: just eating sundae smarties
Music/Music you'd like to be hearing: Whatever CDs are in my CD player currently
Are you/do you…
a smoker? why?: NO. Can't stand the smoke at all really.
a stoner? if so, when did you start and why?: no.
drink alchohol a lot?: no.
make fun of people?: not particularly.
gossip?: I don't think so really.
get into physical fights?: no, not since leaving Tae Kwon Do years ago.
argue a lot?: perhaps (what's wrong with a good argument?)
like animals?: sure.
What do you think of….
gay marriages: Allow them!!
abortion: I don't like extreme views on this issue.
war: *sigh* would rather have peaceful resolution, but that's not going to happen so readily really (let's be realistic)
homosexuals: they're great people!!!
homophobes: I'd prefer if everyone was accepting, but whatever.
feminism: sometimes it's fine… but extremists give it a bad rap.
satanism: *sigh*
racism: It's a fact of my day to day life actually. We need to be more accepting of diversity.
christianity: Our society and culture seems somewhat based on it to a certain extent…
rap music: it's the most popular music in the entire world… but whether I like one song or another is an entirely different story.
rock music: YAY!
MTV: I don't get it, I'm not American.
sushi: YUMMY!!
cheese: YUMMY!!
showers: yay!
sex: hmmmm…
school: 🙂
labels: huh?
incest: no comment.
Just some random crap
Mood: ?
Bored?: perhaps.
What are you doing now?: typing answers to this survey and listening to music
what time is it?: 1:20ish PM
when was the last time you made out?: uhhh… honestly (this is rather pathetic) 2yrs ago or thereabouts.
what did you do/what do you plan to do today?: School, hanging out with Shreyo, Dawn, and Paul at Beer Gardens for maybe half an hour, work, home.
Do you watch a lot of TV?: nope.
Do you like sarcasm?: sure… sometimes anyhow.
Do you have a website? What is it?:
What's your favorite website?:
What's the last thing you bought?: Quiznos Subs: Small Hot Beefeater and Small Meatball (both without onions) and with hot pepper on the side.
When was the last time you threw up?: ???? Long time ago.
Do you have a big nose/pointy nose/sloped nose or what?: it's normal
Are you single?: yeppers.
Are you superficial?: I certainly would hope not
What do you think you superficiality?: necessary in some instances
What will you do when this is over?: more internet stuff and then bed.