Short quiz

As a prelude to the bigger quiz that I'm thinking of posting (yeah yeah, so I overdo the quizdom, but hey I don't wanna write about somethings sometimes)

The 'what do you like?' Quiz
What is your favorite disney movie?: Sleeping Beauty
What is your favorite disney character?: Hard one… but Mulan is coming to mind for some odd reason…
Didyou ever play with neopets when you were a kid?: Nope. (they existed when I was a kid, since when?)
Do you like Baseball?: Not particularily (been hit by softballs too often)
Did you live through the 80's?: Yeppers, born in '82.
What's your favorite 80's song?: Was Don't Worry Be Happy an '80s song? If not… wow there's just so many good ones (yeah yeah, Ali has odd taste in music what else is new?)
New Kids On The Block… Remember them?: yep. Believe you me… *sigh* (kids were mean when I was young…)
Do you like to take pictures?: yeah… and I LOVE being in them.
Have you ever seen The Full Monty?: yeppers!!
Have you ever worked at a fast food resturaunt?: nope.
Where did you grow up?: in Fort Saskatchewan for the most part
Have you ever seen quicksand?: nope.
Do you have games on your cell phone?: no cell phone
Do you even have one?: no.
How many keys are on your keychain?: one on one keychain, and three on the other
Are you considered evil or devilish?: no. (but should I be?)
Why do you fill out surveys?: something to do really
Can you find your hometown on a map?: yeah.
Have you ever worn a straight-jacket?: nope.
Do you wear hats?: Not often.
Do your friends think you need a makeover?: I highly doubt it.