Should I continue to try to write every day?

I was very tempted to give up on mini-wrimo this year and just not write at all after Extra Life. My heart didn't seem into it, or anything and today I simply felt too tired (I blame Extra Life and the time change, and will go to bed shortly). But then I turned my computer on to see if I could churn out a few words and at least write anything.

Because, how can I not write today? It's the day before the US election (which matters a whole lot even though I'm not American and thus obviously don't have a vote, nor do I live in the US). It's a day where I toured a couple of places for work (which was really great actually. I learned at lot!). It's a day where I tried the new menu at my local pub (The Underground) and rather loved the risotto though I hated the typo in the menu (and the deep fried ice cream wasn't as impressive as I had hoped, alas and alak).

It was a Monday, a workday, and a busy one at that on certain levels. And I made the all too human error of forgetting my lunch at home (darn it!).

I guess it was just another day, but it's one where I really didn't have an excuse to not write. So I wrote. And here it is.