Well Extra Life is done for another year…

And I dare say, I did a decent enough job at getting donations that I'm not disappointed. We did start dozing off a bit during the last few games of the 25 hours of gaming, this morning, and I did neglect to blog post yesterday, but I did kind of expect that that was likely going in. We streamed to Twitch and eventually will be putting content up on YouTube from the event. It was really great interacting with our viewers on Twitch. I was really surprised that our playing Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival got as much viewer interaction as it did — it was rather helpful too!

By now, I've even had the time to sleep (not long enough but that's inevitable), go watch Doctor Strange (we caught the 11:45am showing at South Edmonton Common today), and read a book (a graphic novel) and am now working on catching up on things that I haven't had a chance to do throughout the weekend/week. I didn't get a chance to play Pokemon GO at all throughout Extra Life, but hit level 25 today so even though it's a rainy day, I've gotten a bit more of that accomplished.

For Extra Life itself, we started by playing some Pixel Junk Monsters, then some Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, The Room, and then some Civilization VI before playing a one-off game of D&D (over Skype in part when it comes to D&D). That was followed by co-op and party games etc. once we were joined by some more guests: Lovers in a Dangerous SpaceTime, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Gang Beasts, Mount Your Friends, Crawl, Jackbox Party Pack 2, Rocket League, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Hammerwatch, SportsFriends, Nidhogg, YAWGH, Jackbox Party Pack (for You Don't Know Jack 2015), and Broken Age. Admittedly we were falling asleep during the beginning of Broken Age, so I probably want to try that game again sometime… but on a whole it was a wonderful adventure!

Having folks join us in person and playing that D&D adventure made this year's event much more fun, I think… plus it helped that we started at 6am and thus finished at 6am rather than having it from 8am-8am. And of course I'm a whole lot happier to have raised more funds for the Stollery Children's Hospital this year than I did last year. Thanks to all who donated, watched, participated or who supported us or this endeavor in any other ways.