Seeing as I'm going to be blogging more regularly for the month of November…

… I figured I had best write at least one blog post prior to that point. I'm not sure that I'll reach 100% success at writing a blog post every day for the month of November (especially since I'm planning on doing Extra Life this year on November 7th and I strongly suspect that that will mean I won't blog much if at all that day specifically), but I do hope to write more, just a little bit more than last year would be fine in my books.

And well the last month or so has been pretty eventful so I had best type a little bit about it all, but I might type in more depth about some of the topics in question next month when I'm stumped for ideas. Still I've had this blog for over a decade now and so the occasional lapse in blogging is certainly understandable. Especially given that I was much less verbose on social media in general due to my temporary job at the Edmonton Centre Elections Canada Office. For obvious reasons I wasn't typing anything at all political for the months that I was employed there — and this was hard given the nature and length of the Federal Election. I enjoyed the job and learned a whole lot about how an election is conducted and what kinds of tasks are accomplished behind the scenes. I would say that working in the office was a great use of my skills during this time period even if it meant some really long days. I enjoyed spending time with my co-workers, meeting new people and learning the organization of the elector system. Elections logistics are fascinating, and this role really allowed me to satisfy my curiosity as well as learn new terminology. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve electors in French (and learn a few interesting words that I didn't have to use previously like poll clerk for example), and help with such an interesting process.

Another thing that I've had the pleasure to do recently is compete in some board game tournaments. No I didn't place well in any of the three I entered, but I learned a lot about myself and what games I enjoy playing in such a competitive arena, as well as what behaviours I find frustrating in tournament play and which ones I rather enjoy. It was nice to come home from the Splendor tournament with some swag for having competed too — I really do like board games.

Finally, the most well, personal, of things that happened recently is my trip to Banff for my youngest brother's beautiful wedding. It was great to see family and spend some time away. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to hike Sulphur Mountain with Jon and take the gondola down, as well as enjoy the hot tub, some good brunch, and the other amenities of Banff and the Rimrock Hotel. It was a good little trip and I'm rather happy with the whole experience.

But yes, I guess I'm back to blogging semi-regularly if I can help it. And we'll see for how long that'll last.