Another great year of song and dance and food… Heritage Festival explored today

This year, for the first time in a few years I explored Heritage Festival with a group (in recent years I've visited alone or with one other friend mostly). And while it's one of my absolute favourite festivals with food, it was a tad warmer than desired by the time we all left (exhausted by the heat). Our group ended up donating a fair number of remaining tickets to the food bank as we left Hawrelak park which was certainly a good way of not overeating super badly.

After we all arrived and purchased any needed tickets (we had a sheet of tickets each and went through the vast majority of what we bought), we began with a visit to the Caribbean pavillion for some curried goat (a personal favourite) and festival (which I hadn't had since visiting Jamaica). Then we ate some mushroom rice, some fritters and spicy coleslaw from the Haiti pavillion (new this year, and all was yummy!). At the Scandinavian booth we all had some lefse and a taste of kinkku Juusto Peruna Pilrakka. At the Aboriginal booth we had some bannock and one of us got some mint tea. The Dutch booth had herring which was really quite delicious. Indonesia had chicken satay with pickled vegetables (I rather liked the pickled vegetables on such a hot day). At the Irish booth, a stick of spiral potato was purchased. At the Italian booth we ate gelato (belgian chocolate and Bacio flavours). The Kenya booth had sukumawiki which was kale fried with onions and tomatoes. Afghanistan had bolani (a personal favourite) and Rwanda had some really different samosas (god though!). We ended our adventure at the Venezuela booth with passion fruit smoothies for all and tequenos. Quite honestly we gave up on eating more due both to heat and being tired. But it was a good selection of really rather good foods.

Thanks to my friends for making this food adventure a whole lot more fun!