Change and money, employment and education…

Life has a tendency to provide ups and downs but one thing that's a constant is change. And change is hard (and I don't just mean the change that is given back after a financial transaction though that too is hard! 😉 ). 2014 has been a year of change for me, and that might be one of the reasons I chose not to blog for months at a time and why I'm trying so very hard to create a writing habit here on my blog again.

This fall is strange to me. For the first time since I was a wee child of 3 years of age am not a student this fall. And while the weather threatens to get cold and snowy (Winter is indeed coming), it has been a remarkably balmy fall as of yet. Emotionally it hasn't been all that amazing and yet it's been filled with ups and downs which isn't a bad thing either: lots to learn from in the relationship arena (and I don't just mean romantic relationships either… many interpersonal relationships offer things to learn from and I am always learning). Personal growth is happening in the Kiwanis and work environments too, as I slowly send out resumes and cover letters for job opportunities that have something to do with my 14 years of post secondary education and happen to tantalize me with an appropriate amount of money and attractiveness, possibility of personal growth and skill development, work life balance and more. But this is slow as I await news from the job that I've held for the past 13+ years, whether positive or not to encourage me to search harder or something.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the job I currently have, and like the renumeration, benefits, co-workers etc. very much. But I know quite well that the time is coming for me to deal with change and move on, though when that will be exactly I do not know. In the interim, I deal with the other changes, enjoy what I do about the industry I work in, and continue to focus on my own form of work life balance. Because priorities are just that: priorities. They do not mean that decisions are easy to make. I do look forward to more interviews, more opportunities, and more of the solid familiarity that I know will one day be fleeting. Because this fall is unlike any I've experienced before.