The mysterious Andrew!

Yesterday I walked to London Drugs after work to pick up a parcel. And I wasn't disappointed when I received it! It was my Kickstarter reward from having backed Danielle Corsetto's Slingshots Across America tour celebrating 10 years of Girls with Slingshots (one of my favourite webcomics — I actually have gotten very behind on reading many of my favourite webcomics but I'm definitely not behind on reading GWS, it's by far one of my absolute favourites — wow I used the word favourite a lot in this aside!). I backed at the Vintage Pack 2 level (mostly as I wasn't fast enough to get in on the Vintage Pack 3 level, to be honest) but I wasn't at all disappointed. It came with an original strip (#59, which amuses me greatly), many buttons (which are adorning my magnetic pen stand), a fabulous mousepad with special kitty on it (I adore this perhaps the most!!), Valentine's cards, some more stationery, the postcard for the tour, a business card and… a print from 2008, that was addressed to a mysterious Andrew in 2012. This likely occurred at a convention where Andrew neglected to pick up his print as I'm told by Danielle. My twitter reactions to the package can be found at if that helps.

Regardless Danielle Corsetto mentioned on Twitter that if I wanted to come up with some sort of back story for why Andrew neglected to pick up his print she'd back it up… and while I can't imagine actually doing this… my brain went whirring into overdrive thinking of scenarios (from the most believable: he got busy at the con and simply forgot to come back to unrealistic: he was kidnapped by aliens whose entire purpose in being was to prevent him from getting lovely art from the con). What a nice imaginative gift: to be able to think about so many fictional adventures Andrew could have been having back in 2012 that prevented him from picking up his print…

Anyway, this is yet more evidence that I adore mail, supporting good art via Kickstarter (and other online means) and that my life is awesome in its own special ways! 🙂