Okay my day was out to get my ire today, yegads!

So this evening, after I dealt with a much needed phonecall, I got ready to type up a blog post, and then got sidetracked by a glance at my LJ friends page only to notice that someone is impersonating me (or rather they stole my profile picture and attached it to some spam posts (not even in English either or even the roman alphabet exactly) in a community I'm a member of, which is entirely too irksome). Sure, it's not a terribly active LJ community or anything, but I can't figure out a way of reporting it properly to any authority other than to message the purported owner of the community in the hopes that something can be done. I hope so anyhow.

I'm going to go type up my separate planned posting next. Hopefully it'll be of more interest to those of you who actually read my blog posts.