Recent happy moments…

Because the world is filled with all too much negativity, I figured now was a good time to post about good things. And I would like to hope that I will do this every so often online, because gosh people sometimes need a ray of sunshine to brighten their days, online or otherwise!

-Holding my little nephew. He's so cute, so small and warm. Sure, he cries and poops and is a baby like many others, but he's the only baby nephew I have and I really do find holding him quite peaceful.

-Taking a walk in the sunshine (however brief this sunshine might be).

-Playing Cards Against Humanity with folks (even if the game is short, it's fun to get SOME gaming in!).

-Waking up somewhat refreshed from a good dream!

-Giving my brother his (belated) birthday present and watching him enjoy it!

-Seeing my nephew (the oldest one) acting like a good big brother to his little baby brother.

-Eating delicious food that I've made myself (recent kitchen adventures include some cracker/cheese/pepper jelly combos, a butter chicken stew, and some other simple delights).

-Seeing and catching up with folks I hadn't seen in far too long.

-Running into friends unexpectedly for a chat.

-Smiling at a little bit of joy or positivity on the internet!