Trivia, ropes, board games, and networking!

So life continues to be busy this September, but partially since Laury had a week off from work, this past week was a marvelous balance of productivity (as I get used to my gamification routine while at home) and fun and games (literally! I love board games etc.!).

Last night was trivia night and our team placed 5th which is quite good (considering the size of the crowd especially). I quite enjoyed myself and was happy that the items I donated to the silent auction brought in some good money for the cause we were raising money for (Kiwanis Safety City/Village).

Laury and I did Ropes Quest yesterday as well which was fun — I did much better than I did last time though my muscles definitely got a workout! I do rather like this West Edmonton Mall attraction.

This week I also visited a few stores that sell board games (and acquired Gloom and Guillotine, two games that begin the the letter 'G'). I got to play quite a bit of Dominion (Dark Ages especially!), and attended a webinar, a few meetings and a networking event, which was great because these all meant reconnecting with folks I hadn't seen for a while.

Oh, and on Monday night I accompanied Laury while he waited in line to pick up Borderlands 2… I even got to play it a bit later in the week… I'm decidedly not very good at playing FPSes myself, though I must say that game is rather amusing!