On reading The Cure for Everything

So Timothy Caulfield's great book The Cure for Everything is quite the engaging read! I'm finished the third of 5 main chapters now and well it's already encouraged me to buy the wonderfully colourful vegetables I bought last night to make stirfry for lunches this week and to move my body more… yes exercise. I decided to do some dumbell exercises with my very light dumbells on Saturday but also wore my wrist weights so that was awesome! And on Sunday I went for a great bike ride in the river valley which resulted in my being really physically tired at work last night but I'm pretty excited about getting my body movin' again! I obviously don't ballroom dance enough these days… (I miss it, but really all I want to do is go to the socials these days as I'm too busy to commit to a whole set of classes at the moment anyway, and the socials are often at times/dates when I'd rather do something else).

Anyway I'm excited to continue reading this excellent book and also to improve my own physical fitness and general health (as I always am). Laury was encouraging me to try sword classes eventually… so maybe someday I'll try that too. Health is important. And while I doubt I'll ever stop seeking out yummy food, I already do know I love healthy meals so that helps things!