On Kill the Overlord (the first Kickstarter game I have received in the mail!)

So yesterday's board game gathering (themed around Asian food) was a rousing success! We played a number of games including a bit of RA, Kill the Overlord, Hilarium, some Conversation cards, Cards Against Humanity, and Smart Ass.

What I was most excited about was trying out Kill the Overlord for the very first time. You see, it was the first Board Game Kickstarter that I've yet received in the mail (I've received one graphic novel, one skirt and one board game as of yet if you're keeping track, all of which I've rather enjoyed!), and I was super excited to try out the game mechanic! I even one one game (we played twice — once with the basic cards and once with a mixture of promo cards and the second set of role cards). There's one card where we weren't entirely sure as to how to follow the instructions, but beyond that the game was rather straightforward once we figured out the game mechanic.

I rather like the art on the cards (I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do, to be honest, when I first decided to support the game), and the fact that all the characters have different skin tones, and are featured in both male and female options is a neat aspect to the game! It was interesting that one game took a LOT longer to play than the second one, but that the game rules basically ensure that the game won't last too too long! Very cutthroat (so to speak) and quite amusing, I recommend the game — I think it works quite well with the 7 and 8 player games that we played!

I look forward to receiving other games that I've supported through Kickstarter in the mail as well — there's a number of new editions of excellent games, neat game mechanics and otherwise that I've supported over the past while. I know better than to not keep tabs on which projects are sending out their rewards (or at least updates on the status of their rewards) in a timely manner… and I've put a cap on how many projects I can support at any given moment but I do like this first game and I do really look forward to receiving the third set of role cards (plus the updated/fixed Peasant card) in the mail eventually too!