So, one of the hazards of working…

… in an entry level part-time job, even if it's only for a few shifts a week, is that in the Alberta economy, folks often aren't terribly reliable at said entry level part-time job (in other news, we're hiring! If you need a job my workplace is definitely having a job fair on Saturday looking for people to work in the Deli, Produce and Cashier positions).

I'm sure there are a ton of reasons on any given day why people would be absent. And I don't blame any individual for the fact that yesterday was exhausting: we were legitimately busy. Even if all those who weren't there had been present, we would have been run off our feet with customers. I honestly felt like I got a workout at self-scan and at the regular tills as well!

And this is generally a good thing, though I'm thinking the stress hormones aren't necessarily the bestest thing in universe or anything. Still, I did have a good and busy time at work yesterday! The day passed quickly… and I even remembered to use the coupon I brought to work and bring home some treats afterward (not that my house needs more treats! I definitely need to buy real groceries again next week, after all!).