Pizza, pizza, and more pizza!

So last night's board game pizza party was a rousing success! We had 5 pizzas and 2 DQ dessert pizzas make their appearance (though only small amounts remain thanks to people bringing essentially the right amounts of food!). Everyone, including those with dietary restrictions/limitations/requirements (whatever) seemed to get enough food, so that made me happy.

And we played three games. First we played a couple rounds of very competitive Bandu (it's one of my favorite games for good reason!), and then a round of Partini (which included some better hummers than usual, but as usual that category (humdinger) seems to be by far the most difficult.

Finally we played one VERY LONG (but oh so funny!) round of Things! And oh my gawsh the running jokes were amusing! So many Tom Cruise, Santa Claus, Twatvomit (or twat vomit, or Google twat vomit or Google Twatvomit, uh…) references among others… this game is so awesome for a groups! When I first started playing years ago it always devolved into 'your mom' jokes… now the reoccurring theme seems to be Tom Cruise as of late (and sex but that's to be expected!).

In otherwords, I'm glad to have good friends for regular board gaming opportunities. I'm endeavoring to have a good number of multiplayer games too to make these game nights more entertaining!

The next one's theme is Asian food and will be on the 9th of September.