On playing Civilization V

So I don't often play video games these days on my PC (mostly as they tend to eat large chunks of time), and usually stick to relatively casual gaming on my iPod Touch. The exception to this seems to be when I decide to play Civ. And this weekend, I apparently did just that. It was a relatively good outlet for frustration, and well resulted in my first ever Cultural victory (note that I often aim for cultural victories but until now had yet to reach one, often getting scientific or diplomatic victory long beforehand). This felt pretty great but for two things
1. I much prefer playing Civ multiplayer, rather than playing against the Computer AI.
2. Near the end I just wanted to change strategies and win the war I was waging with an opponent (who was trying to kill my cities, darn him!).

I almost never play very offensively in Civ (though I imagine this might change given the right circumstances) and rarely play with as few cities as I just did (3). This made me feel pretty good! Next time I play Civ it will be with friends, hopefully. Maybe one day I'll finish the game with Eric and Dan? Or play with Laury or Tim or…?