Dreaming of the Fringe?

So last night I dreamed of attending bizarre Fringe plays in churches, abandoned building and fields with Laury (who was happy to see the play we saw together, phew!) and JD (who was being enormously picky and strange about theatre…)… and at some point this morphed into being in the plays themselves. This was an odd Fringe dream because although there were ticket box offices there were no kiosks selling things, no Fringe food vendors, no built up stages (the outdoor performances were conducted in completely empty fields), and the abandoned buildings in which plays were performed were disintegrating (much like a house I once painted) as the performances took place.

I woke up convinced that I had to make my way to the Fringe grounds today. Conveniently this will allow me to pick up tickets for tomorrow and allow me to hopefully obtain some cheap tix for at least one discounted performance today.

Also it'll put me in the area I need to be in to run a few small errands… mostly to find items for a RedditGifts secret santa exchange but there are a few other things too!