This year's trip to Capital Ex… and my troubles sleeping properly…

So this morning I awoke to a spam-like phone call. This is unfortunate as I did not sleep well (out of the past 6 nights, I've slept well only 2 out of them, those being Saturday night and Wednesday night — probably partially due to pure exhaustion). I'm imagining that jet lag has a lot to do with why I haven't been sleeping well this week, but I'm also concerned that I'm getting physically rundown again… which partially makes sense what with my love of overdoing things. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that being physically rundown does impede my abilities to be productive (particularly when I attempt a nap in the middle of the afternoon as I did today, having it rudely interrupted by a phone call asking for donations *sighs* I honestly don't get that many phone calls, so the fact that they're happening at inopportune times like these is pretty frustrating!).

Anyway, I did have a good day yesterday though by the end of it I was feeling pretty tired/sore. I made it to Capital Ex in plenty of time to begin my shift — we were closed for all of 10 minutes the whole time, and I spent the majority of my shift taking tickets (my favorite part!). The weather really did cooperate well!

After that, I went and checked out numerous shows (favorite show this year is The Aluminum show, even if my head did get bonked a few times by those huge aluminum air pillows! I felt such child-like glee to be able to play as part of the audience!), ate a ton of food (the cream puff was yummy as was rib fest!), and enjoyed the exhibitors in the Expo Centre. I ended up spending exactly as much money as I expected on my trip, coming home with a Zoku frozen pop maker (which I've used twice today to make frozen yogurt raspberry pops, which have been delicious, easy and quick!). I only got the individual pop maker (but I'm one person and would hate to use up the freezer space). This is much better for my freezer space than the ice cream maker I once owned was, so I'm super pleased with that too! 🙂 I also saw the fireworks from Northlands Park for the first time ever! This was AWESOMETASTIC! 🙂 My neck was super sore afterward, but I ran into Carla and Slepp and we walked through the grounds together before departing for the evening.

What with the sleep issues today it's been the opposite of productive, but I did read a great book I was gifted with for my birthday: Chico and Rita, so that was great! 🙂