A great birthday! :)

So I had a pretty awesome birthday. Sure there were aspects that were less than ideal (mostly in the morning when I didn't sleep well or when I felt kind of jet lagged… or when I attempted to use a coupon for a restaurant but found it was closed for renovations though the website claimed it was open), but generally the great things well outweighed any negative factors. I had a lunch at Boston Pizza thanks to a coupon and then a tea from Starbucks thanks to another birthday coupon before doing some dishes and tidying the apartment for board game happiness! 🙂

In total I had 11 other folks attend my birthday gathering, some of which I hadn't seen in FAR too long! We played two games: Kingdom Builder and Cards Against Humanity (we actually used ALL the CAH cards!). It was great fun though! Kingdom Builder (Thanks to my AWESOME Redditgifts secret santa) was a great game, really easy to learn though the dynamic is potentially very different every time — good replayability that way I think! People brought a good selection of things to the potluck and I rather enjoyed the food (pizza, sushi, awesome quinoa salad, veggies, spinach dip etc.!)!

And I got a few awesome cards and gifts (some books and a luggage scale! Thanks!) and the cards were awesome (one was originally for a 3-year-old and was artfully altered to be for a thirty-year-old! 🙂 ). I didn't expect any of that, guys! It was great! 🙂 I especially liked seeing my friends, introducing some friends to the others, and the awesomeness that is board gaming.

Now if only I could sleep properly at night and get back into a good routine! 🙂