Games and ridiculousness!

My social circle (why is it deemed to be circular anyway? I think an amoeba is probably a more accurate representation of how my friends groupings work), these days has been well pretty good in many ways: partially because when we do get together we have often been gaming/board gaming. And as I said in an earlier post, 2012 is all about board games (it's all about being exhausted, emotional, stressed, and traveling too much as well, but I'll concentrate on the fun aspects here).

And lately I've been acquiring board games. Not that my original collection is bad or anything (it's got some great mainstays including Bandu and a good selection of obscure and random party games… but it was lacking a certain breadth). My most recent acquisitions are: Zombie Dice, Cards Against Humanity and Red November. Each of which have strengths and weaknesses, but it has been good just playing them. Cards Against Humanity has been especially fun, to be honest. And for perhaps the first time, I'm getting tempted to actually fill out some of the blank cards in a game (I haven't done so yet, but I'm tempted).

Games are not enough to sustain my mind or to constantly keep me happy and without worry, but some of the awesome people with whom I've been gaming are. I can't help but derive pleasure from these interactions, be they with fast friends, Kiwanis family members, best friends (or more), or with folks whom I haven't seen for YEARS, with whom gaming is spontaneous and random, fun and to be honest unexpected.

And heck, Cards Against Humanity is definitely one of my favorite new acquisitions!