Bah. Dear cold, could you please go away?

So I'm still stuffed up and dealing with an annoying cold. Now that it's making a dent in my social life (as well as my productive life, but whatever to that), I figured I'd take the time to natter on about it for a moment or two.

It's darn hard to sleep with a stuffy nose, particularly when it suddenly wants to run in the middle of the night causing you to wake up after having slept fitfully for the previous half hour or so. It's also darn hard to do so when your brain is working on overdrive over-analyzing and longing for stuff that is not reality as much as my poor brain may want it to be (yeah yeah, I'm mixing up your and my… I'm sick, I don't care at this juncture).

It's annoying when said cold causes me to wake up in the midst of the most pleasant of the crazy dreams that I've been having. The last two nights have been like this, and well… both dream sets have included men, former SaveOn employees, SaveOnFoods, cuddling, completely non-existent departments, travel, a dose of reality, breaking the laws of physics, and women among other things. Some of these dreams have been preposterous and unpleasant, others have been more wish-fulfillment mixed with ack this makes no sense. Gotta love dreams while sick!

In other news (unless you didn't catch it earlier), I'm flying to Kitchener-Waterloo on Sunday. If you're planning to be in the area, it would be really awesome to see you during my scant free time.