Gotta love good theatre…

… and April seems to be the month to see a bit of it. In fact, had I not just moved my ticket for The Sound of Music at the Citadel, I would be seeing three shows this month (now it's just the two that I have seen). And both shows were really fun!

At GATC, as I mentioned before, we saw The Music Man. I really enjoyed this performance, partially because of the singing and the enthusiasm of the acting. I think highlights for me included the entrance of the train at the beginning (where they walked down through the audience for the whole song), the barbershop quartet, and the appearance of the band at the end of the show (kids from the audience in costumes and with instruments!

Last night I saw A Midsummer Night's Dream (for the first time ever!) at the Citadel Theatre. I was definitely wowed by the stage itself, even before the cast came in: I really liked the vines that dropped from the ceiling, the vegetation, and the climbing area among other aspects that really seemed to work well with the performance. The costumes were also really well done, and I thought that the acting quite suited the play itself. I wasn't familiar with this play (outside of reading The Sandman issue where the play is performed), so I was quite pleased with how well the story carried on stage, and how the actors managed to make scenes not overly dramatic, but instead to make them come alive for our amusement.

Perhaps I don't always watch enough media (tv/movies etc.) but I do adore theatre and performances in general. Lately it's been mainly YouTube and the occasional event outside the home, but that may change.