Booked for one last conference…

Waking up this morning I got the email notifying me that I did indeed receive one of the Student Assistantship Bursaries for DH 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. I've never been to Germany, so it should be a nice trip to take, even if I'll be very busy. While this money (800 Euros) will certainly not cover all my expenses going to yet another conference, I'm super excited to go, and figure that this conference which will involve my volunteering in many capacities, will be a great last conference for my degree. Sure, it means I'm going to have to be a lot more efficient with regards to getting thesis and whatnot work done before and after the conference, but hey, it's an opportunity to be in Germany for just short of a week. I booked a flight and a hotel on Expedia today (best and least confusing process of the bunch and by far cheaper than the hotels I could have chosen through the conference website, though mildly more expensive than some of the hostel choices, I get my own room/bathroom, and the walk (I checked it out on Google maps) to the conference seems reasonably pleasant.

I don't understand the transportation from the airport to my hotel/the conference location just yet, but I'm not worried as this conference isn't until July… and I'm sure I'll get my questions answered before then. I don't understand German at all though, so we'll see how well I get by! Fortunately I'm sure that once at the conference things will be straight forward enough. I'm not planning any extra time on this trip (I planned extra time on trips to Vancouver, and New Orleans already), and given that I promised myself a trip once I finished the degree, there'll still be that to plan for at some point, but for now, my travel bookings are done! 🙂

In other news, I had a most splendid time last night at the Library School's Year End Party. Got to talk to many folks, get some good dancing in and eat some good food. Also, they did joke awards and I got one for the longest nails (amusing, really!).