Feels great to be playin' again!

I really adore board games, and it feels great to be playing more frequently again these days. I've definitely hosted a bunch of games nights this year (2012), and will likely to continue to do so as time goes on (not sure when I'll plan the next one, but eventually, of course!).

Huge thanks to Anick (though I'll miss her next board games night), and Laury for hosting as of late not only because I'm a rather big fan of not always doing the hosting duties, but also because it's great to be trying new games! (not that people don't bring games to my board games nights, but the games I've played at these folks' board game nights have been mighty awesome and oftentimes new to me!

I signed up for Board Game Geek (so I finally have a list of the games I own on there) and I've started (as of like this weekend) to try to list off games that I like and have played on there too (rating a few games that I don't like or used to own in the process). It's a site that I'm not necessarily fond of by way of search engine (sometimes it breaks) or usability (in some ways), but generally Board Game Geek is a pretty awesome resource.

I need to remember that some folks that I don't spend enough time with actually ALSO love board games. This might lead to less board game deprivation in the future and more general awesomeness! 🙂