On Social Mobile Gaming…

As you might well know, I rather enjoy playing games on my iPod Touch. I have an Android phone and only ever play one game on it (it's Flags with Friends, a game that a friend recommended to me).

Last night we kids taught my mom how to play Draw Something on the iPad, and it reminded me just of the nature of social gaming on the iPod. Because I do play a lot of social games, some on Game Center and others via Facebook, all on the iPod, I find it interesting just how popular some are versus others.

Here are some brief comments about social (to some extent) games that I play (in rough order of how often I play them):
-Tiny Tower (repetitive, brainless, kind of fun!)
-Ticket to Ride Pocket Edition (I wish that it was compatible with the iPad version and that more people would play multi-player with me!)
-Carcassonne (if only more people would play this with me!)
-Hanging with Friends (I much much prefer this to Words with Friends and it's a whole lot more stable now!)
-Words with Friends (I play this as much as I play Hanging with Friends)
-Draw Something (totally addictive, fun and simplistic. Sometimes I suck but generally I find it entertaining. I probably have 20ish games on the go)
-Family Feud & Friends (I used to play more often. It's a pretty fun game but I don't play it often)

That pretty much sums up what I play for social gaming. I enjoy it, of course, but sometimes I wish folks would play more frequently, or that some of my other games had a multi-player online component. Fun, easy to learn generally and well, they're games! 🙂