Yesterday it snowed…

… which to be honest isn't all that surprising given that it's Edmonton and it's April. People think it's common knowledge not to plant your garden outdoors until the May Long Weekend for a reason! But what was surprising to me was the power outages. One woke me up yesterday morning — or rather the noises devices make when the power comes back on woke me up. I didn't think much of it, to be honest, though pictures on Twitter indicated that much of downtown was dark yesterday morning, and the ground that was clear of any wetness previously was covered with a blanket of snow.

Once I wandered to my computer to, hypothetically be productive (though really email wrangling was likely higher on the priority list), I was surprised that it did not turn on. The speakers were making a weird tock tock tock tock tock… noise (which ceased once I turned them off, but on closer examination of the computer, the power supply was making that noise).

I'm not the biggest expert on computer hardware or anything so I called a friend and then we determined that it was indeed the power supply that had gone (thank goodness it was not the motherboard!). Hours later, after my using my netbook (which is underpowered for what I needed, really) for a bit, he delivered a new (nicer!) power supply and we hooked up the cables and my computer is working anew.

This was not the kind of adventure I wanted to have yesterday, for certain, though I'm very glad that it got fixed!