So there's an election going on in Alberta… please vote!

So as the election politics get crazy in Alberta, I'm reminded yet again that a) The province has only been governed by 4(?) different political party reigns, b) That politics can ever so easily get nasty c) That WAY too many people neglect to vote (or even become informed about the issues), particularly from younger age demographics d) That there are a lot of different viewpoints out there e) That I feel that voting is pretty darn important f) That social media provides a whole different avenue to engage with the issues and g) That while no political party might be exactly perfect for absolutely all my needs, and while no particular candidate is perfect either, thinking about election politics decisions as 'the lesser of the evils' or 'strategic voting' or that 'your vote does not matter' is very much negative thinking, which doesn't necessarily create positive outcomes

To those of legal voting age in the province of Alberta (this is mostly only relevant to you):
A positive difference (if you want one) will not be made if you do not actually educate yourself about the issues before voting. And it's not supposed to be easy — important things rarely are. But this provincial election holds a lot of promise, and a lot of potential for negative things too. What I'd like to see is more people getting out there and voting. I don't go on this blog to express all my political opinions (partially because I often use other avenues to do so), but I feel very strongly that voting is important, and that your vote matters. Please please take some time to educate yourself before the April 23rd election and vote!

Thanks, I'm stepping off my soapbox now.