Okay even though I wander the world with a stress cloud overhead…

… I still manage to slot in a bit of fun now and again. Friday and Saturday were no exception, as Trivia Night (we placed in the top 5 or so, as usual, thanks to our awesome Kiwanis Trivia team) was on Friday and Saturday included a Kiwanis project (finishing painting at the Boys and Girls Club Edmonton West) along with Beth's birthday party (yay for Beth! We celebrated two days in a row, as she was part of said Trivia team too… 🙂 )

But yeah, stress is no fun. 🙁 I need more decompression time in between assignments/work/school/etc. obligations and whatnot. I have this darn tendency to do a bit of everything all at once. At least this week is the last week for a while that I'm working two days at the grocery store — I simply need more school time!

Anyway, as much as you may not believe it, I am looking forward to finishing school things at some point in 2012 for a while. I mean 12 years of post-secondary studies is good enough for now, and so after 2012 I aim to work in the more professional realm most likely in some capacity or another. We'll see. But for now, I concentrate on getting each assignment done.

Oh and seeing as I still really like having it, if you want to friend me on Game Center (on iOS devices) please do! I'm ali_kira. I think that my stress defence mechanism this month has been playing iPod Touch games such as DragonVale and Hanging with Friends in short bursts.