An update from a busy woman

So I guess I could sum up my life in several ways lately. This morning I'm concerned because my main email account doesn't seem to be receiving many messages — so that's unusual and I'm concerned about it.

And then I noticed that I really haven't blogged in a long time. This makes sense, of course, as I have been intensely busy. With what, you might ask? Well there's several streams in my life right now:

Academics — This can be broken up into two categories: classes and thesis. On the class front I'm doing okay. I'm a bit ahead of deadlines in one class and right on top of the two others. On the thesis front, I finally have research methodology (sort of — I do need to write this up more in detail so that I can actually have a thesis proposal of sorts but I do have research questions and SOME of my inclusion/exclusion criteria, so I'm getting somewhere.

Work — Again, this can be broken up into two categories: research assistant work and grocery store work (what else is new?). On the research assistant front, I'm nearly ready to start doing some interviews… so that's progressing nicely. Grocery store work — I should be getting my ten-year award at the October service awards, so that's pretty decent. I'm pretty happy that's still going well, and since my paycheque from research assitant work won't be coming until October… it's good to have a backup like this even if it does keep me busy.

Social/Home — Been spending a lot of time with JD of course. I'm trying to make sure I do several things: get out of the house and spend time with my friends, keep up with my hobbies, and cooking more often. The d-tox thing that JD and I did encouraged me to learn new recipes and cook more, so that's good.

Etc. — On the hobbies front there's Kiwanis. This weekend I chaperone at my first Key Leader camp. While I'm truly looking forward to it, it's a bunch of time taken away from my other obligations etc. *shrugs*