Regaining balance tends to be a personal goal anytime something upsets it, whatsoever that something might be. And that tends to be the case when I return from a break in my classes. Reading week is no exception: certainly I got a lot of different things done (not enough necessarily, but a lot just the same), but getting back to the grind is not easy. And that's something I think I have a bit more motivation to do at the moment — I feel like I'm somewhat (though certainly not completely) getting back on top of things.

JD has lived here with me for a month now, so I guess we're slowly developing a routine of sorts and trying to balance out each other's demands/desires/etc. It's not perfectly balanced (nor should or would it ever be), but it's getting there, I guess.

School work and work-work are progressing. Perhaps I'm giving far too much importance to my courses rather than to my thesis or my RA work or any of the other demands on my time (including Kiwanis and being the CKI district administrator) but while classes are still going on (which will be until the end of this calendar year essentially) I think this is likely a reasonable balance. I don't feel like I give enough importance to school and the rest of things that are my own personal expectations of self and yet, I think I'm doing much better with relation so my enjoyment of my personal life and social life and so on — aspects I've struggled with for so many years, so it's not a loss, but that balance is still important.

And really, that's what my life is all about: balance. I'm far less stressed when I feel more balanced. I'm more invigorated when I feel more balanced. etc. etc.

So it's kind of nice to reflect on this and get more done as a result.