Reading Week Recap (or a week without much reading… :( )

So this year reading week began with the CKI District Convention in Winnipeg from Saturday through Monday. It was a great well organized well run convention, and I was very proud of the organizing committee for all the work that they put into its success. The only improvement I would have is that attendance could be greatly greatly increased.

Tuesday was essentially my enjoyable weekend day type day: I spent it completely at leisure — partially catching up on sleep from the weekend, but also going out to lunch with Olwyn and spending some quality time with JD.

Wednesday I worked and then attended the UofA CKI club's Mid-Winter Formal at Lazia downtown. Good stuff!

Thursday was a day of volunteering: I manned the phone bank at the Stollery Radiothon from 6am-10am before volunteering at the Oil Capital Kiwanis Club's Casino (at Casino Edmonton) from 11am-7pm (approximately). I was exhausted enough afterward to fall asleep at my computer.

As a result, today's been less active than it could be (though I did exercise and have been getting some stuff done). My hard drive dedicated to music did something weird for a bit (but JD fixed it). Right now I'm wading through the HUNDREDS of emails I have received and all the other to-do items that got neglected in the past few days. My back has an odd twinge in it but otherwise I am doing well.

So much for Reading Week!