Writer's Block: Cool places

Gosh there are so many answers I have for this question. I do love Edmonton, it is home but I do also have favorite places in different areas.

For example in Canada: I love Vancouver for the amount of great things to do, friends and food among other things. I also really like Victoria, but for shorter visits. Both are great to relax, unwind and explore. But still, I adore Montreal. It's more cosmopolitan than Quebec City, but has authentic history, great food, great culture, and so much to do and see.

In the United States: I adore Portland: the transportation system is fabulous, there is so much to do, and I mean the bookstores make me such a happy woman! New York City is great for things to do and see (Broadway!!), great food and well… more culture than many other places in North America.

In Europe: I've been to so few places but adored London for the transportation system, the amount of things to do and see (the West End!), and the fact that I could visit the Tate Modern. Oslo is amazing for the culture, the transportation system, the relationship with nature (so many parks!) the culture and much more (I could see myself getting along quite well in Scandinavia). Paris has such awesome food, the Louvre (which I want to see more of), great architecture, and the cabaret! And well… I did love Luzern, Switzerland, though more to visit than to live or stay long there… but the combo of mountains and water and whatnot was stellar in my books.

Given that my 2010 travel schedule is essentially over… my 2011 one is starting to get planned. This is where I'm currently tentatively looking at visiting: Indianapolis (January, April), Jamaica?? (April if at all), Victoria (June), Virginia Beach (June), Geneva (July), Red Deer (August), and maybe some other places as well, but we'll see about those. I really don't want to spend as much time traveling this year as I did last year (which should be quite likely, to be honest), and like usual, I do plan on visiting a few new places. So we'll see.