Happy Buy Nothing Day!

So this year, for Buy Nothing Day, I did actually succeed in buying nothing. It was an interesting feat. I did get some things for free from the Buy Nothing Day Free Market I help host with Kiwanis (please come tomorrow! We're open on Saturday from 9am-6pm! More info here).

So now that I'm out of bed and into the real world, I had best mention the fact that I have been sick all week. On Monday morning at 5somethingAM I woke up nauseated, and well vomited 7 times over the course of the day. Obviously I was VERY ill — in fact I cannot remember feeling worse. It took me until the following day to be able to be vertical for more than a few minutes at a time. It took me until yesterday to leave the house (and consume 3 meals in one day, though my appetite is still smaller than it normally is). Now I need to get caught up on my assignments (I got a couple of extensions essentially), and whatnot before the semester ends. I have so much to do!

In other news, I have a couple house guests. One is a cat who goes by the name Kitty. The other is my friend Tim, who is out of his condo due to the repercussions of the fire that his building suffered, and is now looking for a place to live until his building is habitable again (once they remove asbestos, approx 4 months time). So they'll be here until they find alternate accommodations. On a more positive note they are awesome house guests. 🙂