A hallowgiving and Homeless Connect

It's been a busy weekend, I guess. Last night was Graham and Nancy's Hallowgiving party, which was really rather excellent. Holly turned out to be the life of the party (and I really liked the spiced cake she baked, yum!). As per usual there was a cake lit on fire, and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, but this party also had lots of junk food, crossdressing, lots of drinking (by some individuals anyway) playing YouTube videos on an iPad, and much much more. Definitely a good evening!

This morning I made it to Homeless Connect before it opened and stayed for lunch, giving out books to all those who wanted them. It was interesting to learn what they were interested in reading. The lunch at Homeless Connect was delicious as well and I got to know Gina better (among other SLIS students). Definitely a good use of my morning!

Today I want to hunker down and get some homework done (among other things), and look forward to getting my assignments for this week done (and if not completely done, have the first draft finished for the one that is due on Wednesday. So it should be a good day! 🙂