Still feeling sick-ish but looking forward to tonight's party

at Fort Edmonton park! This is like the top socializing/networking event of the year for the Edmonton library community (well academic library community) and I honestly can't wait. Lots of good food, great people to talk to, and alcohol for those who are fond of that sort of thing.

Today I slept in (gloriously), ate a small amount of food (I have next to no appetite) cooked some green curry concoction (soup I guess) which seems really good (I haven't screwed it up!), and well continued to read historical Canadian comic books. I'm a bit worried re: my other course readings but I'll get them done, I am certain.

In other news, as of November 1st, I will be living on my own for a bit. I can afford it, and Beth's excited to be moving on to another living situation so all is good. This gives me a great excuse to clean/get rid of clutter at the Buy Nothing Day event that my Kiwanis club has planned for late November.

Anyway, I ought to go get ready for tonight's party: Dan and I are bussing/walking to the event but will likely take a cab home. I'm glad that I have classmates who live nearby!