School and Health

These two are tightly intertwined. I'm still working out a schedule where I actually get everything I want to get done done this semester without a) burning out, b) not having balance in my life or c) actually putting in the hours I'm supposed to be putting in. That said classes are going rather well in general. I like them, to be honest, particularly when I'm on top of things like readings and whatnot, like I am now. Evidently I'll need to get more than on top of things, but that will come in time.

This morning I woke up with a sore-ish throat. I'm usually pretty skilled at beating that and not actually getting noticeably sick, but it's one of the first signs that I need to take better care of myself usually. So today I will take it easier than initially planned and just work my 5 hours at the store, and spend a bunch o' hours catching up on school related tasks at home and whatnot. Perhaps I'll heat up some chicken noodle soup.