I want my package to appear…

… okay so this post will be a comment on the various different shipping companies available, since I have both beefs (and find great up sides to most).

UPS — I'm currently waiting for a package of books to arrive from Amazon.ca. I rather like Amazon.ca usually, but I'm not a huge fan of UPS as they occasionally leave their InfoNotices in places where I don't see them until too late. At least they do do three delivery tries. And apparently now you can track the packages by using the number on the InfoNotice.

Purolator — I like the fact that their office is walking distance away for when they miss me on first delivery. I don't like the fact that they only do one delivery attempt before giving up. I do like the fact that they call me, and last time I was able to call them and have a package held for my return (2 weeks later).

National Courier — I used to really like this one as they would call me in advance to ensure that I would be home for each delivery! So thoughtful. The delivery guy smelled really strongly of cigarette smoke, but he was very kind and would carry stuff right to my door.

Canada Post — I normally really like Canada Post because the mail lady is really nice, and because pick up is easy when they deliver when I'm not home. Very convenient for the most part.

DHL — less than convenient now a days. Their pick up location is not conveniently located.

There are others, but those are my comments for the moment.