I have short(er) hair! :) And bangs! :)

And it's all thanks to my wonderful stylist, Jackie!

But yeah, it has been apparently over 10 years since I've had hair this short, and I rather like it. I guess I made the decision on having shorter hair earlier this week, and wanted something unique, fun but also low maintenance. I wanted something that would make me feel less sticky after exercising. I wanted something that would flatter my face.

And given the number of compliments I've received today, I think that plus the fact that I like the look, makes it a real success. I mean, really I've only seen probably 5 or 6 people I know today post-haircut but all seemed happy with it. No I don't have amazing photos to post (yet) though at least one has become an avatar for a private (school related) website, so I'm sure more images will make their way out to the Internet in due time. In the meantime, I keep touching my head, as the hair feels so different than it did even this morning!

At the end of my haircut experience I kinda felt gleeful — sorta thought of being in some sort of anime or something. I thought of Knives Chau (from Scott Pilgrim) and her haircut/hair dyeing experience (and no I didn't dye my hair — I don't have any interest in hair dye, as cool as dressing up as Ramona Flowers would be for Halloween or a costume party or something).

I might look more Asian, but I don't think that that's necessarily 100% true or anything. But yeah I do happen to think the new haircut bodes well for a new school year.

In other news, this evening I went to a lecture (in Biology) from a Nobel laureate (1995). It was pretty fun and the reception was great too. I'm a big fan of the new lecture halls in CCIS. It's a great building and they did a good job attaching it to Bio Sci. I even like the toilets in the washrooms (water saving flushes for the win!).