Yoga at Lion's Breath

So I was encouraged to come to a yoga class by my friend Anna today. And while I'm a fan of yoga, not all the classes I've had the chance to attend have been pleasant in the past. This time, however we went to Lion's Breath Yoga, and I had a great time. Not only was the class perfect for my skill level, but my nerve injury didn't act up, the instructor was kind and welcoming and he had a great voice for the meditation/relaxation exercises. He was very calm and patient and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

I think I might buy a 10 class pass. It's relatively cost effective (particularly given that I'm a student and can get a student discount) and located a mere 12 blocks from my home. It'll be good to have another venue to exercise at — particularly since ballroom classes haven't fit into my busy schedule for quite a few years (I miss that too, actually, so if the timing of the fall schedule works, I might try to get back into ballroom dancing again, but we'll see). As you can tell, I'm focusing a bit more on improving the physical (as well as the mental) me. Balance is key!