Birthday wishes (2010 edition)

So, as a habit, or trend on this blog over the 6.5 years I've been writing odd musings here, I've been posting something of wishlists for birthdays and Christmases (partly to help family and friends who request these). And each year they're different, because they include both pipedreams (things that'll never happen) and items that I might actually obtain, both physical and non. So here goes this list as July is my birthday month:

– The ability to be in Edmonton and Oslo simultaneously! (well I'd really just love the ability to be in two places or more at once, but this is a more specific desire, now, isn't it!)

– a REAL break from responsibilities etc.

– to spend time with the people who matter to me

– balance.

– time! (a time turner would be oh so nice! 😉 )

– That '70s Show Season 8 on DVD

– That planned obsolescence goes out of style

– Angels in America on DVD

– a cleaner apartment.

– music downloads

– The world to become a better place

– the ability to see more Cirque du Soleil shows 😉

– good food, good experiences, good times

– pampering (eg. at a spa or something)

– awesome board games (there are quite a few out there)

– to develop into a better person, as I do have a long way to go

– cheaper flights!

Realistically if you look at my above list, I really don't need or want much this year. I'm a pretty lucky woman if I say so myself, even if I do happen to be rather too busy, and not necessarily spending my time as productively as I would otherwise like. Money doesn't grow on trees but I'm relatively well off, considering my grad student-ness. And I'm a pretty happy person in general. It's hard to believe just how lucky I am.

So maybe this list is a hybrid of wishes and wants, but it's a habit I've gotten into to list them on a regular basis. After all, July is a great birthday month.