A busy weekend, but a worthwhile one…

Gosh I've been a busy girl this weekend — and that doesn't necessarily mean that I've been terribly productive in the work/school sense, but I've certainly done quite a bit on the personal development front. I do rather need to get back into the groove with work and whatnot, but in the time being, I think I'll type a bit about some of the happenings of the past few days.

Friday I went and played paintball for the first time EVER. This was a much more pleasant/rewarding experience than I thought that it would be. Firstly we played with people of the same skill level (essentially the majority had never played before, and those who had hadn't played very frequently), and secondly I didn't get hit terribly badly. In fact I even won one game (when we played each for ourselves), and was on the winning team a few times! I even hid/hit etc. effectively on occasion. This isn't to say that I was terribly amazing, but it was fun, and I got to spend it with some mighty awesome people whom I so rarely see given my intense travel (etc.) schedule.

Pictures of both my temporarily broken camera and my paintball outing (well pre-paintball, really) are available here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2197695&id=120402019&l=fabccc68e7

That evening (once changed into a bit more appropriate attire) I joined some of these same friends for dinner at Origin India followed by gelato at Da Capo. I felt like while I did contribute to the conversations, that I learned much more from listening, both about myself and about the topics discussed. It was a pretty awesome evening, so I walked home.

Saturday, I worked. But work was followed by dinner with some awesome friends (and some awesome kids too… I was highly amused and probably amused the kids too), followed by an outing to Roller Derby! I had never gone to roller derby before but this was a totally awesome time — I would totally go again given the opportunity (and some transportation). Not only was it good fun, but hey, the Eville Dead won by a considerable margin!

Today's also been a good day. I got up early and subjected JD to the torture of seeing a movie of my choosing. Yeah, it wasn't necessarily the best pick in the world, but we had managed to obtain completely different versions of the movie we actually both wanted to watch so watched Valentine's Day instead. I was rather impressed with the all-star cast (hence my wanting to watch it in the first place, but really there were SO MANY familiar actors/actresses in the film!). It was a very stereotypical/predictable chick flick, but I'm pretty sure that that was the intention, and it was quite ridiculous. I mean it when I say ridiculous. Wow. I found it quite funny though. So all was not lost (sorry JD!).

I then attended my first ENTS meeting in MONTHS, which was pretty good all things told. Sure I didn't really participate much — but I'm not particularly in the mindset/life space to really participate tonnes. It was good to see familiar faces in a familiar place though, even if I only made a relatively brief appearance.

After a quick trip to a bank machine I headed home, and ALSO managed to play the Wii Fit (and watch some Muppets Show Season 1) for the first time in over a week. Apparently I didn't gain any weight in Vegas (though I'm sure food poisoning has something to do with that), and the fact that I have been cooking more lately hasn't actually been negatively affecting my fitness… So that's pretty cool, I think.

So, yeah, lately I've been working more on the personal development sphere of my life rather than the work/school sphere, but those definitely do need more attention in the coming days/weeks/months…