New Web Cam and other camera related thoughts.

So as some of you may have read, I managed to break my ol' trusty point and shoot digital camera while stepping off of a moving walkway at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. Hence my having only three pictures from that trip (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, eh?). I have been to Vegas before so that wasn't the appeal, but pictures of the PEOPLE would have been swell.

So the fact that yesterday morning the Purolator delivery man delivered me a brand new web cam was a good relief. It was an absolutely wonderful early birthday gift from JD. I like the fact that it means I don't have to ALWAYS pull out my netbook when I want to video call someone, and that the quality of the calls is much improved (not perfect but much improved). If I wanted to have a YouTube channel with actually good content (a vlog of sorts) I guess I could do that now too… but regardless, it's a pretty nifty thing to have, particularly when dealing with far off friends (and the wonderful boyfriend who gave it to me!).

Today, while messing about with using my new web cam (and other devices) I brute forced my ol' digital camera back together using screw drivers and other tools. It looks a bit worse for wear, but at least it works again! Entertainingly, a few small plastic bits broke off but don't seem to affect the camera function. You may wonder why I really am so attached to such an old digital camera, well the largest part of the equation is the fact that I absolutely must have a viewfinder to be a happy photographer… even though I'm not as big of a fan of taking pictures as I am of being in them.

So yeah, that's how I've spent my afternoon this Canada Day. This has been entirely not what I originally planned, but oh well. Happy Canada Day all!