Home sweet home?

I'm home. And it's a place that I can call my own, full of my own clutter (I feel like I ought to be doing a TONNE of cleaning right now — JD has likely been a good influence on me in at least that area: wanting to clean, organize and do dishes on a *gasp* regular basis. Sure I'll never be perfect, but hells bells it'll be a whole lot easier if I de-clutter etc. So we'll see. I do have this habit of acquiring stuff at a ridiculous rate on occasion, but I've done better in recent years at divesting myself of things for which I have no longterm use, and upgrading from one thing to another often times instead of just getting more.

But yeah, my flight came in on Saturday afternoon (late afternoon/early evening) after a busy last day or so in Victoria. It was good to get to see Matthew, Tessa and their beautiful baby girl that evening. Finnegan was also pretty fun: I got to walk the dog for a bit before a most excellent dinner (Tessa's a great cook). I look forward to seeing them again in Edmonton this coming week? I also got to play cards with the UofA folks before bed. I took the shuttle to the airport with a fellow DHSI attendee, and took the shuttle home with Stan to talk to, so I wasn't bored.

Upon my arrival home, I slept 12 hours. It was well needed, as my energy reserves get depleted a lot sooner now than they used to. Maybe I'm getting older, or maybe I'm in a different life stage. I don't know.

So, yesterday I spent my time catching myself up with life a bit, and today was much of the same with an intermission of catching myself up with JD. And that was a well-needed conversation — not an easy one mind you, but a much needed one. I think I need some time off from life (you know put life on pause) to really become introspective. Not that I have that time, but I need it, damn it, boy do I ever. Long distance ain't ever easy, and making decisions that'll keep us both happy won't be easy — at least until such a point when a) we're no longer separated for the majority of the time by time zones and continental divides, b) we're no longer in a relationship c) we're friends but not romantically involved. And as I don't particularly like any of those options, life won't be easy — at least for the time being. Hence discussions. But I think discussions are healthy and I'm damn happy to be in the mind-space I'm in at the moment. Even if it does mean I shed a tad bit more tears than usual. Even if it means that FEELING things hurts. Even if life doesn't end up happily ever after or anything, I think I feel better for having lived it.

So who knows what the future will hold? Tonight I surrounded myself with friends at Pub Monday (to be frank, I'm tired of pub grub at the moment, and look forward to cooking/prepping my own meals, even if I'm not a good cook or anything. Not sure if JD has anything to do with my mental shift from a 'not wanting to cook at all' phase to a 'cooking might be a good idea' phase — if he does, good. If not, well I'm happy for the change anyhow).

I'm mildly frustrated that the post office returned a package yesterday (though yesterday was a Sunday) even though Beth had specifically talked to them to ensure that they'd save it until today. I have no idea from whom it was, however there's not much I can do about it now. I'm also a bit frustrated that I was depositing American cheques when the bank exchange rates give me less than the face value in Canadian currency. Sure it's close, but still!

And finally Twitter providing me the fail whale is annoying. Sure sure, I shouldn't be griping all the time, but heck, I'm not always the happiest of campers, and while I temper my online postings (I do, sure it's a livejournal, but that doesn't mean that my most intimate of thoughts get posted online, because that's not always the wisest thing for me to do in such a public medium).