Back to the balancing act…

My life is a balancing act: I value balance between work, school, social spheres, fitness, health etc. far more than I do many other things. And it isn't an easy job to balance these things. So when I have a day when I get more settled in my mind, more prepared for the future, or otherwise in a better mindset, I'm a rather happy camper.

Today is one of those days. Although I'm sitting here listening to my roommate and her friend talking/discussing, I'm in a far better mental space than yesterday for example. It's been a good day: I talked with Graham, communicated with JD, ate relatively healthy food, slept for a good amount, and yes, got further caught up on internet things. Yes, I'm clearly good at letting the internet be the distraction that it is.

But I'm getting somewheres, and I'm prepping for both a trip to Vegas and working on a paper that I had been postponing for quite some time. I have quite a few shifts left (5) before I leave for Vegas next week, plus a meeting, some social encounters and so on, but it's definitely been a good day. And I'm getting back into an exercise regime. My Wii Fit was happier with me today than it was a couple days ago which is a nice start.

Perhaps I should remember to eat food? Yes, indeed that should be a plan. I think I'm hungry?