Maybe Empire Avenue is getting me to post more frequently?

Or it's just my excitement about summer travel plans. Regardless if you want an Empire Avenue invite, contact me (I have lots). I believe that this site has a lot of potential and really enjoy using it. Heck I'm more than just a little bit happy to be doing as well as I am with this site!

But regardless what's on my mind right now has little to do with online influence. Instead there's the fact that someone has been preying on my friends' and acquaintances' bank accounts. Indeed I know of more than ten separate individuals who, within the last day or so, have had a) money taken from their accounts b) their accounts compromised c) their bank cards canceled d) difficulty paying for things [including potentially rent, given the time of the month!] e) had their bank call them etc. Honestly this is frustrating, and more than just a little frightening, particularly since people mostly pay for things with plastic these days. Keeping money safe under the mattress just doesn't cut it anymore, and the number of people paying for things from a wad of cash in their pockets is shrinking fast.

But yeah this threw a wrench into the works for quite a few people in the last several days. I'm entirely nonplussed, and more than just a little bit concerned myself. I mean really now!!