I leave on Thursday….

… and I'm admitting to counting down the days.

But in other news, tonight I went to the Citadel to see Beauty and the Beast. I almost didn't buy tickets — but having seen the costumes on display in the Citadel lobby when I went to see other plays, I just had to. And my decision was worth it. I've always loved live musicals over movie versions, and though this one was based on the Disney movie, it exceeded my expectations. It definitely deserved the standing ovation (complete with cheers!) that we gave it. I managed to get emotionally involved (not surprising really) and rather enjoyed myself. I loved how the actors made the musical their own.

And, well — I enjoyed my walk to and from work and the theatre today. I'm very pleased that it only rained WHILE I was working, making my walks all that much better.

Anyhow, there remains much to do, but today was definitely an enjoyable one… and now I only have three more work shifts left (2.5 if you judge them by length!) before I'm off to my travels yet again.