Home from Denver (and the SLP Conference) armed with pictures!

Firstly I did finally upload the few pics I got of the Oil Capital Kiwanis meeting at YESS (Youth Emergency Shelter Society) where Drago was given his VP pin. They can be found at:

This weekend while at the SLP conference we were treated to both a wonderful '80s session complete with the outfits and a wonderful night of karaoke and carousing at the Spotted Dog (the most excellent pub in the hotel — note that Robert DeNiro was at that pub earlier in the day on the Friday of the conference… so while we didn't actually see him, we were definitely at a pub where famous people drank).
Picture evidence at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2183107&id=120402019&l=b82b9302a3

But more entertaining yet are people's attempts at karaoke. I caught them with video:

As you can tell, we had a really great time though no, we don't necessarily all sing uniformly well… And yes you can see the back of my head in one of the videos.