Another busy week (but I think I'm regaining balance perhaps?)

So this has been (as of yet) another busy yet rewarding week. Monday was spent doing homework (reading mostly) and catching up post-Denver. Yesterday I ate awesome bake sale goodies to begin my day…
… and I ended my day by falling on the ice on my way home from work, popping open my bag of popcorn (it did break my fall) and making me lose some… I gained a wonderful soreness to the side of my upper leg though, it being a large bump almost as soon as I got up. Fortunately playing the Wii has helped prevent me from seizing up or anything equally difficult but it definitely was no fun going to bed last night in pain.

In more positive news though… thanks to J.D. I got my favorite computer game of all time working on my computer! Master of Magic (a wonderful game from the 1990s) works in a DOSbox emulator. I so missed playing it! Yes it's a time waster, really, but it's been good when I've been stressed out this week. Why stress? Working on thesis stuff for class (no guarantees that I'll actually follow through with this thesis, but it's a possibility) and other homework after being away in Denver on the weekend, mainly.

Anyhow… today was a refreshing change: I went to my partner's week visit, and truly enjoyed discovering about the role of the NEOS librarian. We even went to lunch together and I got to participate in a meeting. In addition I got a tour of some of the employee areas of Cameron library, which was a neat treat!

I'm also discovering that I still need to work on balance: but I'm getting there. I'm surprised just how awesome exercising with the Wii Fit is for me (it makes a good break away from the computer, and a good challenge to improve myself really), and I'm fitting technology well in my daily life… now I probably could blame my boyfriend for at least a bit of that, but it was high time.

It's pretty much a week until FIP (Forum for Information Professionals), the first conference that I'm working on this term. I look forward to it: not only do I serve as junior co-chair (next year's co-chair) but I'll be MCing, and I also helped with scheduling the program. So some things are ramping up.