So I'm still procrastinating, but not as badly now…

And I'm realizing that I'm doing a rather good job of using my Wii Fit Plus on a daily basis — if only to do a body test and an activity or two. Given the time, I try to do at least half an hour or an hour's worth of activity daily — it's an easy way to get away from the computer for a short while, and feel much better about myself as a result.

Accomplishments for this weekend include: finally ripping all my music (half of it is in flac, the rest is in mp3, but I'm really liking the EAC interface and foobar makes a much better music player than some of the players I've used in the past, particularly for converting formats! Win! I also finally caught up on all my email (all accounts) and managed to get pretty much all my more important bookmarks moved over to Opera which turns out is a browser that's less prone to crashing for me (though a few sites still work better on Firefox, and my extensions are on Firefox too so I'll have to deal with using both on occasion).

Today I FINALLY had my final mark for last semester posted to my Beartracks account. Not bad for the first semester of Grad School I think: A+, A and A-. Could have been much much worse. I'm rather impressed actually that my marks have held up so well. This semester may be more difficult: We're doing actual projects in the community in my project management class, and a bunch of Thesis work too which should go well.

I'm still procrastinating becoming more productive with the other projects I'm working on, but now that my workstation has music, and I've figured out how to use many of the features of my laptop and my smartphone, not to mention a few newer programs on my desktop, I think this will help. The learning curve will be big as usual, but I should be up to the challenge.

I don't tend to set new year's resolutions, but I do have a few short term goals for the year at the moment:
— do well in my classes
— make it to Norway, Vegas, St. Louis (twice), Montreal (?), and Denver (that's the weekend after next!) and still afford tuition and whatnot without dipping too deeply into savings [quite possible as a goal, actually given that my income is okay… but depending on how much I travel this summer, I will have to compensate for the not-working during that timeframe thing]
— organize my finances a bit better at some point soon (not that they're poorly organized but I really ought to put some more funds into a TFSA among other things and whatnot)
— continue to work at staying in reasonable shape with my Wii Fit Plus. As of yet I've been doing a good job, I think, and while I'm somewhat sore (though I could blame that on curling) I do feel better for it.
— maintain and retain balance in my life and in my relationships with others. I do have a tendancy to get rather too busy at times and my work/life/school/volunteerism etc. balance suffers as a result.
— have a whole lot of fun! 🙂

To those who have been shocked by my adoption of new technology as of late, I don't think I'm about to stop using technology or enjoying using it any time soon — afterall without technology staying in touch with my man, with Kiwanians, and CKIers would be much more difficult — not to mention my many other far flung friends. But I'm also the technology person on my project management team, and I've always been one for USER FRIENDLY interfaces… so maybe I'll actually work on more stuff to that end. We'll see. Maybe that's a good reason why I love my Wii so much.

Anywho… back to my other forms of procrastination for a bit before I play some Wii and get some homework and other work done I think.