Happy New Year (and technology is awesome!)

So as December draws to a close, I realise that I've spent most of the month acquiring technology. Christmas and Boxing week was no exception! I now have a nifty smart phone, an awesome netbook, a fabulous Wii and Wii Fit Plus with extra controller and nunchuk and rechargeable battery pack thingies, and have installed Windows 7 on both new machines (thanks J.D.).

Yeah, as the year draws to a close I get closer to actually living in the proper decade in terms of technology! No complaints there. This vacation has been one awesome vacation as of yet anyhow. I'm truly pleased with how I've been spending my luxurious spare time. I truly thank my friends and many others for this.

Regardless, here's hoping that 2010 is even BETTER than 2009. Mind you I'm sure that the first day or two will be pretty awesome if the rest of my vacation is any indication. *smirks*